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NitroBerner Kennels

Denise & Don Newlove

Don, Joanne, Denise and our first BMD that started it all Alex


We breed for quality not quantity and are very selective and put much thought into each and every breeding. We stand behind every puppy that comes from NitroBerner Kennel. If you purchase a puppy from NitroBermer Kennel, we will require that you provide progress reports on the puppies, whether they are pets or competitive dogs. Our dogs live in the house with us and the puppies are raised in the living room. I spend all my time with them until they go to their new homes and also we work from home so they are very well socialized. Our goal is to produce happy, healthy puppies with outgoing, friendly temperments that excel in conformation and obedience as well as being great pets without losing the natural type and working abilities of a Bernese Mountain Dog. We always have the betterment of the breed in mind, and we ensure every litter is screened for hereditary defects. You are welcome to attend puppy clinics and get together with other NitroBerner puppy owners. If you need any help or guidance with your puppy we will be there to help you or to recommend someone to help you accomplish your goals. We ensure that all puppies are matched to homes based on temperment and activity requirements. If you have any questions about us or our dogs please feel free to call (403-227-5610). I will do my best to answer any question you may have. We love our dogs, as they are like our children.

HardCore Racing at the line.
2000 Canadian National Champion Trail ( DIRK)

2002 Canadian National Halter ( TC) Open & Amateur & Superior Halter

2004 Reserve National Champion Trail ( BART )
HardCore Racing TF-111 2008 CMDRA Champion and we have set numerous track records and won many races.
Our new location west of Bowden at Hwy 587 and Range Road 14. We have 5 acres completely fenced and safe for our dogs. We are loving it and so are the dogs.









































Canadian Dog Fancier Magazine celebrating the Bernese Mountain Dog for there Weekly Breeder's Showase.

I got the Cover page for the Weekly Breeder's Showase.

Sept 29/2021





















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