MGP Ch Alexander Von Der Heimenruti CD

Alex 26 Months Old / Best of Breed

All Three Days With Handler Larry Clark, Alberta Kennel Club 2009

Larry has decided to take on Alex and will be selectively showing him in Canada and the US

A special thank you to Larry Clark for taking on this great happy energetic dog.


Alex and Larry had a great year 2009 at 2 years old he has already accomplished more them I ever expected.

Larry will be selectively showing him in Conformation for the next few years and I will be doing Obedience, Rally and Draft ext.

We would like to thank

all the judges

for rewarding Alex

for his outstanding quality,

top line, balance,

movement and size.

True to his breed



40 BOB

Group 1

Carmen Haller

Nils Molen

Group 2

Edna St. Hilaire

Robert Verhulst

Group 3

Denise Cornelssen

Ann Hennigan

Donna Cole

Willian Gunn

Alex and Larry Also received a couple of point towards his US Championship in 2009 Thank You Judges

Janet Sinclair - WM/BW/BOS

Lawrence Sinclair - WM/BOS

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