Thank you to all the Judges who made this a great year.


This year started with a bang

going WM/BW in the US out

of 41 entries for a five point

major under breeder Judge

Dan Cuellar of Redding, CA






BIS GCH Alexander Von Der Heimenruti CD RN

Thank you Scott Leitz

For helping me with my grooming


The BIG BIG AKC show at Spruce Meadows, (extremely tough competition) and with his movement, like no other Berner I have seen in those large outside rings, Larry & Alex were shining, he got three group 4ths Thank You Judges Dr. Ronald Spritzer, James Frederiksen, Lee Anne Bateman. I am so proud of or Team Nitro. They beat some major dogs.

Getting Started In Canada, Taking BOB most of the time, and getting pulled for group several times.

We are having hair issues,

Porcupine issues,

pulled muscles and then finally

getting back on track

and getting a group first (Judith Shurb)

and a couple of groups 4ths

(Carmen Haller & Michael Lancot).

2010 Shows

Team Nitro Rises to the Top

It's official Alex is # 1 BMD in Canada for 2010

A Very Very Special Thank You to Larry Clark for all your Dedication and Guidance
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Lethbridge Pulled for group all three days Cloverdale Group 2 - Garry Allen - Group 4 - Harold Pybus


Castlegar BC

Group 1- Charles Hunt

Group 2- Robert Verhuls

Valerie Gervais

Group 3- Judith Hunt

Group 4 - Michael Woods

Sheila Verhulst




Kamloops BC

BB all 4 Days and one Gr 4th Thank You Donald Emslie 4 Summer Events 12 GR Placing at 3yrs old, Way to go Team Nitro




Cranbrook BC

Group 3 - Michael Shoreman

Rosemary Shoreman


Balgonie SK

This was a great show, to have his outstanding quality's reconized and rewarded by a international Judge, Denise Clark with a


Group 2 - Sheila Vehulst

Group 3 - Robert Vehulst

Group 4 - Neil Graves


Cloverdale, BC Neil Graves - Group 4 Pulled for group & BB all 4 Day's


Chilliwack, BC Group 1 - Denise Clark Pulled for group all three day's

A Special Thank You To all the Judges who Rewarded Team Nitro and help make them

# 1 BMD in Canada for 2010