The last few show of the year where Good Pulled under most Judge.

Thank You Judges

Group 4 - Harold J Pybus - Group 3 - Rrobert Verhults

# 1 BMD in Canada for 2011 Great Job.

The last few show have been good, getting BB & pulled in group most of the time, we will see what happens at the next few show, but Team Nitro is doing great.

Burns Lake, BC

Thank You Judges for a wonderfull weekend.

Group 1- Fred Dewsbury

Group 4 - Bruce Owen & Bud Haverstock


Taylor, BC

Thank You Judges for a great weekend

Group 1- Judith Shurb

Group 4- Geraldine Taylor, Paul Odenkirchen, Susan Badick

Team Nitro is making me so prowd again, at the Montana Circuit they achived a

AKC Championship

with two more major and going BB one day, way to go.

A Special Thank You to all the Judges

JoAnn K Dutton, James R White, Lisa R DeRoulet, Arlene Davis, Donald J Emslie

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A Special Thank You

to Marianne McCollum for the great pictures

CAN BIS GChEx/ AM Ch Alexander Von Der Heimenruti CD RN

Cloverdale BC, BB all three Days, Thank You Judges

Maple Ridge BC, BB all four days Pulled 3 time for group, Thank you Judges.

A Special Thank You to Judge, Phyllis Wolfish for the Group 2


Battleford, SK


Thank You Judges for the great weekend


Group 1- Lynn Stroreshaw

Group 2- Sheila Velhurst, Thomas Burke

Group 3- Robert Velhurst

Cold Lake, AB

Thank You Judges

Group 2 - Carol Graham, Donna Cole

Group 4 - Nancy Popovich, Barbara Watt

Prince George, BC

Group 3rd - Alan Bennett,

Group 4th - Patricia Lanctot, Donna Cole

Castlegar, BC

Thank You Judges

Group 2 - Nancy Popovich, Donna Cole,

Group 3 - Don Emsley, Tim Doxtater,

Group 4 - Ann Hennigan, Wayne Thompson,

Calgary, AB

BB all three days Thank You Judges and a

Special Thank You Nils Molin for the Group 3

CKC # 1 BMD in Canada for 2011