Litter A

#1 BMD 2010/2011 BIS CGChEx/Am GCh Alexander Von Der Heimenrutie


Ch Heidi Van't Stokerybos RN

4 Males - 4 Females - Born - Jan. 29/2011



Ch NitroBerner A Nitro Dream RN

NitroBerner Abra Cadabra RN CD RA RE CDX

Ch NitroBerner Abby Our Fair Lady RN

Ch NitroBerner As Good As Gold CD AIOC/CD RN


Litter B

MGP Can/Am Ch Werlwind's Young At Heart RN DD

Ch Heidi Van't Stokerybos RN

4 Males - 3 Females - Born - April 10/2012


BPIG Ch NitroBerner's Brave Heart RN

Ch NitroBerner Brew HaHa RN RA

Group 1 - GCh NitroBerner Bella Dona

BVIG Ch NitroBerner Black Gold AM/Can CD RN US/CGC Can/RA, VD


Litter C

Ch Zanzebern Fan Fare RN DD CGN

Ch Heidi Van't Stokerybos RN

4 Females - Born - July 23/2014


MBBIS MGP MBPIS GCh NitroBerner Coco Chanel CD, Can/Am RN, RA,

Can/Am TKA,TKI,TKA ( # 1 Puppy # 1 Female # 3 BMD/2015 )(Best Veteran, Best Of Opposite Sex,

Best Candian Bred, Best Brood Bitch, Best Brace, BMDCC National Specialty/2022)

MBVIS MBAIS MBBIS GCh Ch(Alt)NitroBerner`s Cloud Nine TK

(BMDCC National Specialty Show 2018 BAISS)(#1 Alt BMD #4 Alt Working Group/2018)

(#1 Veteran BMD #2 Working Group/2021)(Best Altered, Best Brace In National Specialty?2022

Ch NitroBerner Cosmo Girl Certified Therapy Dog



Litter D

Am/BIS GCh Tulipanos Berni Feliz

Ch NitroBerner Black Gold AM/Can CD RN US/CGC Can/RA

4 Males - 3 Females - Born - March 31/2016


Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Dragon DD CD RN

(BMDCC National Specialty Show 2018 Hight Scoring BMD In Obedience

and Qualified in 3 working events to be come a Triathlite)

MGP GCh NitroBerner's Dancing Prince

(BMDCC National Specilaty Show 2018 2nd Award Of Merrit)

BPIG Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Finnigan Certified Theraby Dog

Group 4 Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Diva





Our Champions & Title Holders

We selectively breed this is the results.

Most of them go on to live amazing lifes in loving pet homes as well as Theraby Dogs and performance Dogs, we selective and only use the best of the best for breeding.

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Litter E

Am/GCh/CanCh Four-T's Chunky Mounkey

Ch NitroBerner Black Gold AM/Can CD RN US/CGC Can/RA

3 Males - 3 Females - Born - Febuary 21/2017


Ch NitroBerner's Enjoy The Jewel

GCh NitroBerner's Enjoy The Race

( BMDCC National Specilaty Show 2018 1st Award Of Merrit )





























Litter F

MGP MBPIS NitroBerner's Coco Chanel

Am/GCh Pinnacle's Josey Wales CGC NAP NJP

7 Males - 2 Females - Born - May 17/2018


Ch NitroBerner's Fire Fly

GCh NitroBerner's Fire Fox Can/AM RN, TKN,TKI,TKA

MGP GCh NitroBerner's Fire Me Up

Ch NitroBerner's Fire Away Certified Therapy Dog

Group Winning MGP GCh NitroBerner's Fire And Fury





Co-Breed Litter with Lorna Harron from BernerBarn Her Heart Litter out of 2 Nitro Dogs.

MGP GCh NitroBerner's Fire Me Up

MGP GCh NitroBerner's Dancing Prince

Born Febuary 15/2021


















Ch NitroBernerBarn Heart Of Gold NTD


( She is joining NitroBerner as a future breeding prospect. )









Litter G

Ch Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro NTD

GP GCh Aiden Sergina V. T Rijkenspark

1 Girl - 3 Boys - Born - March 22/2022

BBPIG NitroBerner's Golden Girl

NitroBerner's Golden Panzer

MBBPIG NitroBerner's Golden Remington

NitroBerner's Golden Pionner