News at NitroBerner for 2018
We are started the year off with holding another Workshop with Larry Clark Jan. 5,6,7/18 we had so much fun thank to everybody that could make it out.
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See you at the next one



So much fun

Big Thanks to Larry





GCh NitroBerner's Cloud Nine - Teeka 2 x BB & 1 BOS so first I would like to said how proud I am of this Nitro Team Keri Froehler-Waldo & now GCh NitroBerner's Cloud Nine they have accomplished there Grand Championship I am so lucky to have a special women like this on my team thanks so much Kerri for all you do for me looking forward to our next adventures in Obedience and Rally.

This makes me a very proud breeder, but I had to step in the picture for Larry Clark.  He was off helping some other lucky person. Saturday was a pretty special day

NitroBerner Enjoy The Race - BB BW BP
GCh NitroBerner's Cloud Nine - OS
NitroBerner's Enjoy The Jewel - WF 

It was a great way to start the year, hard work really does payoff.


AKC Show January 19-21 2018



































Some random pictures of the kid at the AKC Show 2018

















Go Nitro Teams Go
So looking forwar to the future with this young boy 11 months
NitroBerner's Cloud Nine - Lottie first show Saturday- WF Sunday- WF BW BP she came home with 6 points. The first day she seamed a little over whelmed and didn't even want to get on the table so we just took her in the way she was, the next days her owner Emma Baldin said she couldn't wait to get in the building so on the table she went groomed and ready. I have to said how grateful I am to this Nitro Team Member Kelly Craig for taking time out of her live to come and show Lottie for me BIG THANK YOU you did a great job.


NitroBerner's Enjoy The Race - Harley first show Friday- WM BW BP Saturday BB BW BP and pulled in group Sunday - RWM. He came home with 7 points A Big THANK YOU to Larry Clark for his great handling and for always being there for us. I am so proud of my boy and excited for the future. Thanks Kerri & Kelly for your help.








































We our so proud to announce that Sadie (Ch NitroBerner's Cosmo Girl) is now a certified therapy dog. Big congratulations to Sadie & her mom Lynn Cannon. I am sure she will bring much joy to many.










I am so proud of all the Nitro Teams considering they were coat-less LOL . 
A Big Thank you to Keri Froehler-Waldo Handling Nitro Veteran out of our A litter. 
GCh NitroBerner A Red Ruby RE CD VD going BB - SB and she love's the dog show. A big thank you Courtney L Penner for Handling NitroBerner's Enjoy The Jewel to BW for 3 points, down to one point for her championship. As always A Big thank you to Larry Clark for always being there. Not much love for others but we will be back with coat LOL Harley RWM Molly RWF . 

Red Deer Dog Show















































Puppies Born May 17/18 @ 5:30 am

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Keri Froehler-Waldo for all the help getting them into the word my niece Maxine Rene Newlove for coming with me to get her breed and to Lawrence Duncan & BEATRICE DUNCAN & breeder EDEN JONAS for allowing this breeding to take place with Am/GCh PINNACLE'S JOSEY WALES CGN & MGP MBPIS GCh NitroBerner's Coco Chanel she is being a incredible mom we have 2 girls and 7 boys. Also thank to Fióna ni'Giollarua Joanne Towers for just being on call. Larry Clark as always










BPIG GCh NitroBerner A Red Ruby CD RN RA RE our veteran goes BOS x2 and also takes the breed one day and get pulled in group Thanks to Keri Froehler-Waldo. A big thank you to Lori-Ann Fischer for helping us when we needed it and she takes Best Veteran in Breed so proud of my girls as always thank to Larry Clark for being there. Thank You to all the judges
 Congratulations to Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Diva and her parents Leslie Wells and also to Keri Froehler-Waldo for this accomplishment way to go another champion for NitroBerner Kennel.  Thank you to all the Judges.


Naca Dog Show - Edmonton AB






























Our boy Harley is now know as Ch NitroBerner's Enjoy the Race big thank you to Larry Clark and all the judges. Another New Champion For NitroBerner Kennel.














Wow Great Big Congrats to Keri Froehler-Waldo and her amazing girl GCh NitroBerner's Cloud Nine she takes Best Altered In Group then goes on the take Best Altered In Show. I have no words for how proud I am of them. 
We also need to send out a great BIG THANK YOU to Kerri Miller for having the knowledge and taking care of our Fire litter we would not of accomplished this with out you thanks again. Thank you to all the Judges.












































Evelyn Kenny Dog Show

Our amazing Veteran so proud of her GCh NitroBerner A Red Ruby RN,RA,RE CD and her handler Keri Waldo Going BB x 2 and pulled in group both times, BOS & SF, Best Veteran In Breed x 2 She loves going to the shows even in the heat she still had spunk love her so much A Big Hug thank you to Keri Waldo and to Larry Clark for being there for us. 
























Taking the rest of the summer off still the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in Chilliwack Sept 20th to 23rd


Here is a few add we have none for 2018


Evelyn Kenny Dogs Show

At there new venue loved it and great job to all that buts this show on Thank you. Our wonderful girl Lottie Ch NitroBerner's Enjoy The Jewel goes BW the first 2 days then we moved her up more then enough points for her Championship thanks to Kelly Craig Larry Clark Courtney L Penner Keri Froehler-Waldo for all your help. This was her first time away form her parents and she was such a good girl. Cloe & Roy Puppy 


















































Wow New US CD & CGN Titles

192, 189, 185 1/2, with a 3rd & 4th in class out of like 10 dogs 

Ch NitroBerner Black Gold Can/US CD Can/RN US/CGC so proud and honored that a patriarch like Tubby Miller, Kerri Miller want to work with my dogs I have no words for how grateful I am to both of you.

































I am so greatful and very proud of everybody that help make all this possible we stayed strong and possitive and ended up having a great show

Mount Cheam Show & BMDCC National Specialty Chilliwack, BC, Sept 20 to 2

Harley getting to know his new handler Courney Penner Thanks for all your hard work with this young upcoming boy.













Flathead Kennel Club of Montana Sept. 2018
Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC
Thursday, September 13,14,15,16 2018







Big Congrats & Thank you


Tubby Miller for achives

another US Tittle on our

amazing girl Cloe


BMDCC National Specialty 2018

The Nitro Boys where 1 & 2 for the Award Of Merits , we our so proud of them. Thanks to there handlers Courtney Penner & Larry Clark


















































Ch NitroBerner's Enjoy The Race



Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Prince

Go Girls Go

Our Veteran, A litter had a great weekend.

A Big Thank You to Larry Clark, Kerri Miller, Courtney Penner for

sharing the handling. Ruby 3x Best Veteran In Group and

a Best Veteran In Show & BOS Specialty Sweeps






BMDCC National Specialty

Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Dragon DD

Wow Big Congratulations to our Nitro Team Terri Smith and Atikis. Thursdays he got his Draft Title Wow, Then Friday High in Trial for Obedience and then 3rd in Class for Rally Wow, so then that earned them The Performance Berner Award she got the Triathlete passing all 3 and BOS for Alters Specialty. Cy got second in his class veterans Thank so much Terri for all the hard work and love you give to the boys.

















Rolli - NitroBerner's Fire & Fury Best Baby Puppy Male


WOW Our Amazing Altered Girl Teeka

Currently #1 BMD Altered # 3 In Group 3 Altered

( GCh NitroBerner's Cloud Nine )

Had a great show going 4 x Best Altered In Group & 2 X Best Altered In Show and Best Altered in The BMDCC National Specialty Show. I am so proud and impressed how far owner Keri Waldo & her girl Teeka has come. So greatful to have them on our team.
















































High In Trial BMDCC National Specialty

























Rally 3rd In Class


For qualifing

in all 3 events


Atikis received

Triathlete Performance

Berner Award


A Big Thank you to all The judges
New Draft Title


Atikis & Cyrus two very Special Nitro Boys









MGP MBPIS NitroBerner's Coco Chanel - after having 9 puppies and coming into season she had absalutely no hair but still made the cut so pretty happy with that a few pictures of her.


Cyrus 2nd In Sweeps
Our Girl Coco
Our baby puppies at the specialty.


















































Piper - NitroBerner's Fire Fox she was having way to much Fun, Keri had quite the chanlenge do not let the pictures fool you LOL




Adds we did after our amazing National Specialty so very proud of all of them.