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Our Amazing Veteran.

Cloe gets her Novice Trick Dog Ttile in CKC & AKC

News 2021





















































































We are so proud of this boy, he started the year off as a Champion and after only 3 weekend out he is now a

MGP GCh NitroBerner Dancing Prince

He is now at home living the dream and will only be selectively shown.

Congratulation to Kelly & Jane on all his success.















Rocky Mountain Working & Herding Specialty

July 17,18/2021




















Alberta Kennel Club

July30/2021 to Aug. 2/2021

I am so proud of this Nitro Team

Piper & Keri.

They got BB a couple time and of course

Piper has no hair LOL.

They are just a few points away

from there GCh. Go Girls Go



























Our outfits we wore on Larry day. We all miss him.












Saskatoon Working & Herding Dog Association Specialty

May 15,16/2021

THANKS to everyone that took part in putting on a successful show Saskatoon Working & Herding Dog Association we so appreciate it.


Timo and Courtney L Penner first weekend together, Group 2 Sharon Derrick, Group 4 Linda Kraft thank you judges. I would like to thanks Janet Penner & Arianna Penner for helping make this a success & Kelly & Jane Schofield for doing such a great job with Timo. Hopefully there will be more shows soon.



Co-Breed Litter with BernerBarn

Owner Lorna Haron

Born - Feb/15/21


MGP Gh NitroBerner's Fire Me Up - Mia


Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Prince - Timo

3 Males & 4 Females

All of us at NitroBerner would like to THANK everyone that took part in making this show happen we are very grateful. I am so proud of my girl Indy, she is now a New Champion going Best of Winners a few times. A big thank you to the judges that recognized and rewarded are Nitro Girls. I would also like to thank Veronique of Belnois BMD for allowing Indy to be part of the Nitro team.

Ch Belnois Vrroooms To Nitro NTD









Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club

November 25 to 28/2021


Lethbridge District Kennel Club

November 19 to 21/2021





Good Luck To All In 2022



Best Brace In Show

Coco & Teeka



Keri and our Girls Piper

finished her

Grand Championship

Thank You To All The Judges

Mya was a good girl on the weekend at the dog show all 3 days LOL just a few minor things to work on so so very proud of her. Friday she was awarded BB BW BP and Saturday BOS BW BP and Sunday RWF she is now only a couple points away from her championship. A big Thank You to the judges who recognized and rewarded this young 9-month-old, outstanding female. Following in her parent's footsteps MGP GCh NitroBerner's Dancing Prince ( Timo) and MGP GCh NitroBerner's Fire Me Up (Mia) making them proud.


No love for Hairless Piper this weekend she is in season and has no coat but she had fun and sooner are later we will time it right
Best Veteran In Group & Best Veteran In Show

Random Pictures

from the show and we would like to send out a great big thank you to all the people that made this show so much fun hope to see you all soon.

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Thanks Hillory

for treating are

girls. If

anybody out

there is needing a

Furbaby Cake

please give her a


Canadian Dog Fancier Magazine celebrating the Bernese Mountain Dog for there Weekly Breeder's Showase.

I got the Cover page for the celebrations this is where we stand right now.

Battle River Canine Association

October 21,22,23,24/2021

Mya our 8-month-old puppy out of a litter co-bred with Lorna Haron and out of 2 NitroDogs. I was lucky enough to get this bad to the bone puppy. Her first time showing as a puppy and first time in a building and she gave me a run for my money. After 4 days of showing, and I finally got her to slow down and could present her half decent on the last day and she got WF and BP for all the training and time I but into her, you would not of know it for how bad she was but we don't give up easily. I am definitely exhausted. A daughter out of

MGP GCh NitroBerner’s Dancing Prince ( Timo )
MGP GCh NitroBerner’s Fire Me Up ( Mia )


We had the puppies out just 6 months the co-breed litter with Lorna Harron of BernerBarn still very immature but great experience and a great improvement each day, very smart puppies. It was fun working with them thank you to there owners for doing such a great job. We are looking forward to working with them again in the future.
What a fun weekend we had Keri showed her girl Teeka as a veteran and she got 2 Best Veteran In Group and 1 Best Veteran In Show and that put them # 1 BMD Veteran and # 3 Working Dog Veteran I am so proud of all of them. Keri Waldo and The Sisters Coco & Teeka did a great job going Best Brace In Show 3 out of the 4 goes so poud. We are looking forward to getting our Veteran Brace Out as much as posible.

Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club

Sept 17 to 21/2021



Northern Alberta Canine Association Sept. 10 to 12/2021

A Big Thank you to all the people who where involved in making the NACA dog show happen.

Wow Rollie ( Ch NitroBerner’s Fire & Fury ) I haven't seen him in a wile I was definitely a proud breeder watching him float aroud the ring he is maturing so nicely first time out as a Champion and with Courtney going BB all 3 shows and a group 4 thank you to all the judges, so one weekend out and he is #4 BMD. A Huge Thank You and congratulation to Kelly & Jane Schofield Rolli owners…





Goes winners females and then goes on to take

Best of Winner.

We are very proud of Indy. ( Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro) Go Indy Go Here is a pictures from the show and there is video on our facebook page.

A Big Thank you to all the poeple that took part in making this show happen.

More points towards her championship.