Handled by Courtney Penner - Will be showed 2019 till she come into season.

MGP MBPIS GCh NitroBerner's Coco Chanel RN, RA, CD

Shows 2019



Great way to start the year.

Mommy Coco gets a Group 2

A BIG THANK YOU to all the judges and a

Special THANK YOU to Nancy Popovich

For the Group 2

First Show of the Year

AKC Winter Classic January 25,26,27/2019

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Battle River Canine Association - Camrose Dog Show March 22,23,24/19



Our Girl Coco wile her kids where playing in Confirmation she was playing in Rally getting a 4th in Class I did one sigh wrong the first to days handler error but the last day she finished her Title with a perfect score 100 High In Class so proud of her. Obedience Novice A never qualified the first day but the second day got High In Class and the third day 2nd In Class so just need one more legs. Thank to everybody that help make this happen. Coco pictured with her high in class award Thanks to Lyndon Szott for donating the Dirty Dog Door Mate Thanks to all the judges.




























The Red Deer And District Kennel Club - Red Deer Dog Show

MGP MBPIS GCh NitroBerner's Coco Chanel RN CD she finished her CD in Style High In Class & we showed the Hairless wonder in Conformation as well. One of these times when I plan on showing her she will have coat LOL! Best of Breed and Two Selects for a bald girl is not too shabby!! Thanks to all the Judges & all the amazing Nitro Girls 












































Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club - August 30th - Sept. 2/2019



Dog Show So proud of my girl I asked a lot of her and she didn't dissappoint. We got our RA Title and Cortney showed her in conformation she got a Group 3 and a Group 4 wow with very limited showing she is back to number one female. We have almost reached our coal for this year getting her CD and all three Rally Titles can we get the RE title before she comes into season wish us luck LOL Love my girl thanks Cortney for all your hard work on all the Nitro Dogs.


































Good luck to all, hope to see you's in 2020


On Sunday only, Keri Waldo did brace with the sisters her girl Teeka & Coco great job.


Red Deer Dog Show - Oct. 11 to 14/19

Coco only did brace, Great Job Keri Waldo she did brace with her girl Teeka and her sister Coco she did a great Job going BBIG big congrat it was not without challenges and she handled it all amazing you go girls.



Our last show for the year, Coco & I should like to Thank all the Nitro Team Member's from Helping Bath and Babysitting to everything at show's couldn't do it without all of you, I really am so grateful.

A Big Thank you to all the Judges.

Camrose Dog Show Oct. 25 to 27/19

It was a family affair on Saturday - Coco BB - Rollie WM BW BOS and Mia SF.
Big Congrats to Courtney Penner & MGP MBPIS GCh NitroBerner's Coco Chanel RN, RA, CD out only 5 weekend in conformation this year and she is #1 Female and #3 BMD in Canada Currently so proud of them looking forward to watching these 2 in the future. Good Luck to all for the rest of year. Thanks so much to this amazing group of friends Keri Waldo, Kerri Miller, Larry Clark, Courtney Penner & Nathan Kerr, Arianna Penner, Don Newlove, Maxine Newlove, Jody Robertson.