News 2022

Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club

November 25 to 28/2022

First show of the year EKKOS, Thank you to Courtney Penner for getting Mya's last few points for me and thank you to Lori-Ann Fischer for stepping in and helping us out for puppy group. We now have a new Champion and points toward her Grand Championship.



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I would like to THANK all the EKKOS show members and volunteers for another great show. Mya & Courtney did Sweepstakes their first time showing together and got 4th out of 14 dogs in 9 to 12 months Sweepstakes. I would like to also Thank all by benching girls for a wonderful weekend.

















Congratulations to Janet Sousy and her boy Fin (Ch NitroBerner's Dancing Finnigan ) on all your success being a THERABY DOG. I am so very oproud of you's.



































RDDKC dog show April 1 to 3 Congrat to this Nitro Team Teeka & Keri, veterans was offered Saturday & Sunday 2 More Veteran Groups.



March 25 to March 27, 2022 Camrose, AB

Teeka & Keri Showed Veterans Sunday Only Congrats.













Lakeland Kennel & Obedience Club July 1 - July3/2022

Rolli move into the #2 Spot after only a few shows. Go Rolli & Courtney Go


























RDDKC dog show April 1 to 3 Here they go again the veteran brace sister strutting their stuff brace was offered Saturday & Sunday Keri and her girls Teeka & Coco taking both Best Brace In Group.
Go Girls Go I am so very proud of you's.







































RDDKC dog shows April 1 to 3 I have no words for how proud I am of my baby girl just over a year Mya ( Ch NitroBernerBarns Heart of Gold NTD Handled by Keri Waldo going BB over a decent line up of dogs than taking 2 selects Saturday & Sunday, I believe she is not far from her Grand Championship now. So apparently she was great the first day when I wasn't there and bad the 2 days I attended but still managed to take 2 selects what wrong with a baby girl wanting her mommy Bhahahahah
Thank you to the RDDKC and all the volunteers for a great show.









The Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club, Olds Ab May 6,7,8,9/2022































So proud of this amazing Nitro Team Keri & Teeka going Best Veteran In Sweeps.I would like to thank all the wonderful friends for helping this weekend my amazing babysitter for the first time in years could not make it, her dog was sick and we have puppies. So A BIG THANK YOU TO Heather & Chris Chan, Taylor & Jordon Waldo, Helen Chang, Marie Ellen Whyte, Nolan & Cindy Aldred, Liz Moran, and Don Newlove for all the help this weekend so I could go to the show I made every day but Friday, it definitely took a village to make it happen. I am very grateful to have you all in my life.








Mya got points towards her GCh and Piper got points towards her GChB didn't get many pictures.


Northern Alberta Canine Association Edmonton June 3-5/2022

Wow Rolli only 2 weekends out as a Special this show last year and he finishes his CGh with a bang going Group 1 A Great Big Thank You To Susan Quesnel for recognizing and rewarding this outstanding moving boy we are very proud of him even though he just wanted me and the girls Lol so we tried for me not to show the last day I stayed at the setup but he was worse LOL but who cares for not much experience he did amazing big thank you to Courtney Penner for the handling skills you earned your money this weekend we will get him figured out after all he is Coco son it can't be that easy LOL


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Well, my girl Indy (Ch Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro NTD) was looking pretty good for just sending puppies home they are 11 weeks, though she needed a little holiday LOL So I decided to show her and she got points toward her GCh so happy for her she is such a sweetie. A big thank you to all the people involved in putting on the NACA Show once again it was well organized well run and fun show looking forward to next year.
We were pretty happy that Piper got to go after the Porkipine incident LOL She was losing her coat after all that sedation and it was dull but she was having a blast keeping Keri on her toes lol She got points towards her GCHB she is so much fun.
See You At The Shows

Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club - June 24 - 26/2022

Rolli was only entered for the Sunday 2 X BB & a Group 3

Thanks you Judges Patricia Lanctot, Mike Lanctot.

Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club Dog Show

November 25 To 27/20223


Thank you to all the Judges and a Special Thanks to

Charles Bett Group 2

Joy Hodgkinson Group 1

Nancy Popovich Group 4

Rolli was so excited about winning the working group. Go Rolli & Courtney Go

Watch for Rolli & Courtney

See You at the Shows


Alberta Kennel Club & Obedience Summer Classic 2022

Spruce Meadow Alberta, The larges show in Canada

Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of Canada National Specialty 2022

Our Results

Wow the baby puppies and new owners handlers had a blast. Thanks to Keri Froehler-Waldo & Mano Angers for stepping in where there owners couldn’t make it. I would like to send out a Thank You to all the Judges from are National Specialty Judge & all the AKC Judges for doing such a great job with puppies and newbies lol They did come to my place and practice and also worked with Sheena Ann Melone you all did amazing. A Special Thanks You to Nancy Tibben, Lee Anne Bateman & Thora Brown I missed getting picture with her darn for the Best Baby Puppy In Groups I am very proud of all of them The hard work you’s but in definitely payed off.
Indy and Rijker babies NitroBerner Golden Litter minus Frank LOL
WOW AKC Show & National Specialty WOW What a weekend NitroBerner Kennel and Sennenridge Kennel Liz Moran-Smith joined forseses
Keri Froehler-Waldo & I would like to SEND A HUGE THANK YOU to these amazing people we feel very blessed, Kevin Taylor my good friend, Ciara Simpson for your great handling Liz & Lou Moran, Nicky Muir, Mano Angers handling any dog we gave her, Mary Ellen Jean Whyte she showed are crazy young dog Mya we are building for the future great jobs. It took all of us to make it happen we all worked really hard and had so much fun so many laughs a special weekend in many ways Kerri Miller I couldn’t do all I do with my dogs with out you THANKS YOU
Thanks to the dedicated puppy owners coming 2 times a week for lessons and going to Sheena’s as well Chris, Heather, Caitlin & Suzan.
Wow Best Veteran In Show at AKC so very proud, they have by far surpassed anything I could of imagined. Keri and her lovely family came for a family dog 8 years ago. She has become quite the handler I am SO SO SO proud and lucky to have her on the NitroBerner Team.
THANKS YOU JUDGE Nancy Tibben for the Best Veteran In Group and THANKS YOU JUDGE Hisayoshi Kadowaki for this amazing Veteran In Show they so deserved it. Thank you to all the judges that have rewarded this oustanding NitroBerner Team.
MBBIS MBAIS MBVIS Ch/Alt GCh NitroBerner Cloud Nine NTD
Owner/ Keri Froehler-Waldo
Breeder Denise Newlove
AKC Show Wow I feel so honoured Breeder Judge Kim Haddon she has been breeding Berners since 1984 giving our amazing boy Rolli the BB. A Hug Thank You to Emma Gheseger for handling Rolli to this amazing win then she had made a special ribbon to give to her BB it’s beautiful picture doesn’t do it justice it is very special to us it mean everything. Thanks for this special win.
Multi Group Winning NitroBerner Fire and Fury
ShowScene featured our baby puppies for there photo of the week they definately stole the show.





Go Girls Go

------------------Mya 18 months finishing her Gr --------------------------------------- Teeka & Keri Waldo

Heather & Sophie


Chris & Remi

Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club

Sept. 9 to 12/22

The Red Deer & District Kennel Club

Oct. 7 to 9/22

Wow! Teeks did it again… Best Veteran in Show at RDDKC today in a stunning line up with all groups represented. Denise was cheering us on from home with puppies waiting for updates. Huge Thank you to the judges that spoke such kind words of praise and awarding Teeka today.


Keri Froehler-Waldo handled Rolli - GCh Nitroberner’s Fire and Fury for the first time ever at CKOC thanks for doing such a great job with him.

CKOC Mya she is our 19 months old female she needed one darn point for her GCh now she has more then enough.

The veteran sisters got their turn in the ring together in brace this past weekend at CKOC and boy do the girls still have it. My arm was feeling it a few times but the joy of having these girls together in the ring is worth it. Thank you to the judges for awarding these two special girls Best Brace in Show X 3. Teeka and Coco.. you’re the bestest!! Thank You to everyone who helped!

Had a fun weekend at the CKOC show in Olds. I am so proud of these new owner handler Heather with Sophie also new handler Chris with Remi and Remi mom is Suzan, Sophie is owned by Heather & Chris they just get better each time feel so lucky to have such great puppy owners.





Mommy Indy got to come play Thanks to Keri Froehler-Waldo for showing her Saturday and Sunday I only showed her Friday she got more points towards her GCH.

It was Bridger first show as a big boy just 7 months we had a few moments but over all he was great nothing seams to bother him he was great in the room travelling. He is immature but wow what a bright future this boys has. I am sure his mom is glad to have him home. Indy & Rijker Babies


Battle River Canine Association

Oct. 28 to 30/2022


Congratulations to Caitlin McVicar and her boy Bridger NitroBerner’s Golden Pioneer on his first points towards his Championship and Best Puppy in Breed all 3 days definitely in mature big boy at 8 months He is definitely having fun he did great even though I couldn’t work him before the show with 8 puppies at home very happy with him. He is out of our Golden Litter.

Born March 22/2022 Indy (Ch Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro NTD) & Rijker (GP GCh Aiden Sergina V. T Rijkenspark)

Indy - Ch Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro NTD more points towards her GCh she is close hope CKC don’t take to long to post the shows so I know if I counted right Thanks to Keri Froehler-Waldo for showing Indy for me.


See you in the ring in 2023

Good Luck To All