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Good Luck To All The Nitro Teams in 2023






















I am so so proud of Heather and there girl Sophie WOW great job showing her girl there first time for points and of course she was in season she is more then halfway to her championship They have only been in the ring for baby puppy they learning together your handling was amazing landing her free stack you make me look good. So excited about watching these to excel Feeling blessed I have so many amazing puppy owners

We’ll we had Indy at the show Chris showed her I am so impressed with how his handling skills are coming along Indy is coming in season and she is not herself and he handled it all amazing along with learning a few things that can go on in the ring WOW CHRIS GREAT JOB.We also had are old girl almost 9 showing by her buddy Kerri Miller she loves showing so she had fun Thanks Kerri great job Coco also says anytime lol


I Would like to Thank everyone that helped put on the EKKOC show in Calgary great Job. Are young boy Bridger was at the show 10 months very proud of how he is coming along still immature unfortunately only RWD x2. Huge Thank You to Shannon Chapman for stepping in for me you did a great job with are crazy young boy and congrats to Caitlan McVicar your boy was excellent in the room and travelling back and forth potty time great job Caitlin I am Looking forward to watching you show your dog for the first time.

Big thank to Kerri Miller for everything she does.



EKKOC DOG SHOW Calgary January 27,28,29/2023
























































BRCA Dog Show Camrose, March 24 to 26

We’ll Fonzie first show and not like his sister Lulu he was a pretty good boy lol They both had fun and nothing bothered them. Thanks to my girl Keri Waldo for always filling in wen needed also would like to Thank Shannon Sheer for giving Fonzie a go great job everyone. Thank you to everyone that helps make this show happen.

Thank You to Chris for taking Lulu on she is so bad to the bone just like her mom and grandma was at that age lol, you did an amazing job so great full to have you’s on are team. Thanks You to Shannon Chapman for showing Bridger he is a handful great job congrats to his mom Caitlin more points toward his Championship.

Heather and Chris Cham you's have done an amazing job with Sophie just turned a year. Big Congrats you are now close to your championship 2 points away.

BRCA Dog Show Camrose thank you to Keri Waldo you did a great job of handling Rolli, not much love from the judges but lots of love from us.

Big Thank you to my fabulous benching crew.























































RDDKC Dog Show March 31 to April 2/23

I have no words for how great full I am to have such dedicated owners they have all worked hard, all had fun can’t wait to watch them show there own dogs when there pups are ready. Thank you to Chris for showing Lulu you are become a very good handler we have a few more challenges for you LOL I am so proud of all of you’s plus you made me look good, looking forward to working with all of you’s soon we will start up again.

Thank you everyone that took part in making this how happen.
I have to send out a great big thank you to all the Judges and Ring Stuarts you’s where great with all my new comers they all had a good experience and want to come back.
Baby Puppies Males - Fonzie Norman Otis - Female - Lulu I am so proud of you all, you's are amazing.

Well Heather you did it I am beyond proud of you New Champion. She has been showing her since she was a baby puppy Heather and Chris did it all themselves where dedicated to coming for lesson she also has accomplished her NTD ITD ATD ETD trick dog titles and she just turned a year.

I am so very proud of you Caitlin she showed her boy Bridger for the first time and her very first dog show ever he is definitely a happy handful LOL He is now one point away from his Championship Go Girl Go you did amazing.

Aris very first dog show she showed Otis in baby puppy his fist show as well and has done most of the work with Otis herself. Thank you to Suzan and Ken for letting Remi play in th juniors ring. Aris I am so very proud of you looking forward to watching you in ring.

Ken with there boy Remi showed for the first time wow what a great job looking forward to the future with you Suzan and or boy Remi.

Grandma Coco will be 9 in a few months still loves to show and holding her own thanks Keri Waldo for showing her for me I know this was a hard show for both of us after loosing Coco sister our very special girl Teeka.

Fonzie last show as a baby puppy. Big congrats to his mom Kim Haddon 6 goes 2 weekend 6 x Best baby puppy in bred with competition and 3 best baby puppy in group. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young fabulous boy.























































































































So Much




















NitroBerner’s Litter H from left to right


Otis, Norman, Lulu, Mommy Piper, Grandma Coco

& Fonzie


GCh NitroBerner’s Fire Fox Can/Am RN NTD ITD ATD
CChB Aiden Serbian V. T Rijkenspark



































Well Fonzie once again was such a good boy, a great traveller, great in the room. Couldn’t ask him to show any better. No class dogs but a great experience for this fabulous 7 month old boy. Received great compliments from the Judges and a joy to show to such helpful happy judges. Thank you to all


Hub City Kennel & Obedience Club Show May 5 to 7/2023

Well Thank you and Congrats to my amazing veteran Coco and her Handler Keri Waldo. Big thank you to all the judges and a special thank you to Nancy Tibben. Coco will be 9 in a few short months and still going strong so proud of my home bred amazing girl you have always achieved more then I ever imagined

































Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club, May 12 to 14/2023

Very proud of our veteran Coco and her handler Keri Waldo going Best Veteran In Show on Sunday. I forgot they also showed in BB going BOS, SF & BB. She just keeps amazing me stay strong my old girl.




















So proud of our boy Fonzie 7.5 months old congrats to his mom Kim Haddon, he is now haft way to his championship. I am feeling very lucky he is growing so nice for a big boy, takes after his grandma she grew very balanced as well let’s hope it stays that way. (Piper & Rijker Puppy)




















NACA Dog Show June 2 to 5/2023

Piper are amazing mama and her co-owner Keri Froehler-Waldo 3 BOS and 1 Select even though she had a fight with a porcupine the Monday before we left, she was so so happy to be showing again and she is so easy and fun to take.


Great job Aris very proud of you, she took are old girl Coco in juniors on Saturday.































Big Congratulations To Caitlin

on a

Great Job

all your hard work

payed off.


























Daddy- Rijker / Mommy Piper / Son Fonzie

Piper & Son Fonzie


Daddy Rijker & Son Fonzie waiting for group.



























Rocky Mountain Working & Herding July 15,16/2023

BIG CONGRATS to Co-owner/Handler Keri Waldo Going SB the first day and BB the second day with our amazing girl Piper ( CGh NitroBerner’s Fire Fox RN ATD) Thank you to all the Judges and a Specially Thank You to judge Judith Taylor for recognizing and rewarding Piper’s outstanding movement.

Coco & Major baby she is now 5
I am so very proud of both of you I just love watching you’s, Piper is so happy to be back showing with her other mom.


















Well are 8 month old boy Fonzie - NitroBerner’s Happy Days At Zeigen, so the class dogs only showed up 1 of the 4 days he got BW now only a few points away from his championship. He is such a good boy his first time camping nothing bothered him and he loves showing like his Mama. Having fun in the ring stealing hearts such a fabulous boy. (Piper & Rijker Son)









Rocky Nountain Working & Herding Fonzie almost has his Championship he is close. I am just thrilled with Fonzie he is a big boy and only 10 months still keeping it together pretty good, such wonderful happy big goofball.
Piper & Rijker Baby Thank you to all the judges
































AKC Dog Show Spruce Meadows Aug 4 -7 2023 Biggest Show In Canada

Thank you to all the judges pleasant happy and helpful. A Special Thank You to Judge Lois Wilson for recognizing and reward are outstanding puppy 10 Months. Fonzie is now a new champion finishing the first day with BW and BP then to go on to win the Puppy Group. I am beyond proud and grateful Feeling really lucky he is keeping it together for such a big goofball. Congratulations to his mom Kim Haddon in Australia we did it.

Piper and Rijker puppy

































































LuLu she was very bad the first day I know she comes by it honestly her mom is Piper and grandma is Coco LOL HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE JUDGES & A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO JUDGE LOIS WILSON. Lulu is that dog you better not let her get away with anything, she was being a brat for the judge so ask if I held her would you still go over her and with out hesitation she help me with her I am so very grateful because of this Judge understanding and doing this for her the rest of the weekend she showed great and she went home with 9 points WOW. Piper & Rijker Puppy





Great Show

See You

Next Year





























CKOC Dog Show September 8 to 11/2023 Olds Ab

Thank you to everyone that help make this show happen. Caitlin and her young boy Bridger so proud of you first points towards his Grand you just keep getting better. Go Girl Go Thrilled to have you on our team. Indy & Rijker puppy Born March 22/22











































I am so lucky to have Keri Waldo as a team mate always taking anything on for our dogs showed grandma Coco and then scratched her for the rest of the weekend, if she is not a hundred percent we do not show her even if Coco still wants to lol. Keri and Piper always have a blast just love to watch them we where only entered 3 out of the 4 days and she is now close to her Bronze with limited showing. Thanks to everyone that took pictures and videos for me since I could only be there Friday Morning. Thank to all the Judges.






























I was only able to show Fonzie Friday Morning taking BB I have to send out a huge huge thank you to my crew getting him to the show grooming him getting him home Keri Waldo, Kerri Miller and all of you’s on our team for helping make Fonzie such a happy we’ll rounded goofball. Huge thank you to all the Judges and a special thank you to judge Dr. Gail Forsythe for recognizing and awarding this outstanding puppy. Congrats to Kerri Miller for achieving a Group 3 and Puppy Group with Fonzie. Congratulations to his owner Kim Haddon I have no words for how much we are going to miss him.




















Just have to said how proud I am of these 2 young up and coming handlers your hard work is paying off love you girls keep up the great work.















































Red Deer & District Kennel Club Dog Show Oct. 5,6,7,8/2023

Fonzie 1 year & 3 days old and I had a blast at his last show in Canada even though he is finally loosing his puppy coat and he has taken a bit of a growing spurt he is such a goofball loves everyone we are going to miss his so so much. Piper & Rijker puppy


Good Luck to our amazing boy Fonzie and his Mom

Kim in Australia can't wait to see what the future

holds. He leaves on the 26 of October.

































































Well huge congratulations to this Nitro Team Heather & Sophie points toward her Grand Championship and her first leg for her CD with a High In Class so very proud of you all your hard work and dedication is paying off. Indy & Rijker Puppy













Battle River Canine Association Dog Show Oct. 27,28,29/2023

We all thought it would be a good ideal for me to go keep my mind of Fonzie leaving, me and my Lulu Bell once again class dogs not showing up.


Fonzie off to Australia (Ch NitroBerner's Happy Days At Zeigen)

To his forever home with his Mom Kim Haddon of Zeigen Kennel we will update in 2024 on how he is making out so far every thing is great fitting right in. Thank You to Helen for coming with me to send Fonzie off.

Thank you to Kerri Miller for always doing such a great job with the kids I leave at home.























































Fabulous Piper she just loves spending time with her other mom I don’t exist when Keri Waldo is around More points towards there Bronze Championship. "Go Girls Go" Coco & Major Daughter


Lethbridge & District Kennel Club Dog Show November 17,18,19/2023






















So so proud of my girl Indy ( Ch Belnois Vrrooom To Nitro NT RN ) she is only a few points away from her GCh but we decided this weekend to concentrate on only trying Rally with her. OMG what a great decision, Lisa Day and Darwin Boles incredibly judges, Happy very welcoming Thank You. Indy’s first day 3rd In Class and Saturday and Sunday High In Class New Rally Novice Title.
Huge Thank You to Veronique Matt-Paquet for trusting me with one of her special girls to join the Nitro Team.
Thanks You to the BMDCC for the wonderful Prizes for the Berner Booster.
Heather & Chris with there girl Sophie so proud of all three of them Points towards her GCh and another leg for her CD with another High In Class Big Congrats to all.


































See you in the ring in 2024 good luck to everyone at there last shows.

I just have to post these ones separately OMG Saturday Berner Booster my girl Indy RN High In Class and her Daughter Sophie CD High In Class and are girl Piper SF, Dreams really do come true. What a way to finish the Year.

All 3 dogs that we took did well at the BMDCC Booster.














































Huge Thank You and Congratulations to all of our team members looking forward to working and showing with you's all in 2024 have a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.